An ode to my caffeine addiction
  1. Tall hot chocolate
  2. Tall caramel frap, whipped cream
  3. Grande caramel frap, whipped cream
  4. Tall hibiscus tea cooler
  5. Tall caramel macchiato
  6. Tall vanilla latte
  7. Tall coffee frap, whipped cream
  8. Tall mocha, whipped cream
  9. Grande latte, extra foam
  10. Grande mocha, added shot (no whipped cream)
  11. Grande latte, added shot
  12. Tall black coffee, dark roast
    Even though black Starbucks coffee is kind of the worst
  13. Tall black coffee, blonde roast
    The blonde tastes slightly less unfortunate, imo. Plus, more caffeine!
  14. Grande red eye, blonde roast
    The added espresso for extra flavor and extra caffeine, of course
  15. Grande red eye, added shot, blonde roast
    Soon I'm just going to need to take my caffeine in IV form...