Being single rules! 🙍🏻
  1. Raya (for "creative professionals"): this is where you will find DJs, male models, restaurants, Australians, surfers, Australian surfers, sleeve tattoos, hot guys you know IRL who would never hit on you in person, art world fuckboys, C-list celebrities, Adam Duritz.
  2. The League (where they look at your Linkedin profile): this is where you will find guys to bring home to mom who may have sociopathic tendencies, guys over 5'11, Murray Hill residents, lovable plastic surgeons, golf pictures.
  3. Hinge (only shows people with whom you have a second or third degree connection on Facebook): this is where you will find an acquaintance's ex-boyfriend, start-up bros, "dance machines," dorky pickup lines.
  4. Happn (geographically based): this is where you will find Equinox staff, IT managers, club promoters you knew in high school, charms thrown.
  5. Bumble (where only girls can message first): supposed to be empowering, but actually deeply depressing.
  6. Tinder (needs no explanation): this is where you will find *everyone* from drug dealers to bots to horny tourists to your ex-boyfriend to diamonds in the rough to couples looking for a three way.