1. I bought the documentary he made on Amazon Prime and told him it made me cry.
    It was good.
  2. I didn't like the fact he had another girlfriend.
    She lived in LA.
  3. I wore loose, high-waisted jeans—turns out they give you FUPA.
    FUPA: cringe/lol/cry acronym since learning it in 2000 at Camp Pinecliffe.
  4. I told him I was depressed.
  5. I told him I was happy.
  6. I said 'American Beauty' was one of my favorite movies.
  7. I suggested we play tennis sometime, like next Tuesday.
  8. I talked too much about the Holocaust.
  9. I didn't have a manicure.
    (Probably not the reason.)
  10. I had kale in my teeth.
  11. I ordered lobster.
  12. I smoked a cigarette.
  13. I came too early.
  14. I didn't come.
  15. I dressed for other women, not him.
  16. I revealed ambivalence about and mocked my career.
  17. I ate corn.
  18. I forgot to shave my armpits.
  19. I didn't look like my pictures.
  20. I said he'd love my brother.
  21. I said he'd love my dad.
  22. I was 25 minutes late.
  23. I went on an extended rant about our society's whitewashing of pregnancy and childbirth.
    Might have mentioned adult diapers after giving birth.
  24. I let it show I liked him.