Being a 14 year old girl who is constantly on social media, going to school everyday with people I don't fit in with, and just being a teenager in general is very stressful and tiring. Here's some things I do to stay healthy and happy!
  1. Make collages
    On Rowan Blanchard's account, I constantly see that she is making collages. I decided to give it a try since I could tell that she enjoys it. Honestly, it takes away my stress and I can just cut things out of magazines, newspapers, stickers or anything that I want! It definitely is a hobby of mine!
  2. Drawing.
    Draw anything you want! I have a sketch book and I take stickers and write and draw things. I love glitter pens and colored pencils so I just draw whatever I want. (I'm working on the one shown in the picture!)
  3. Write.
    I personally love to write. Whether it's writing in a diary or poems, essays, ect. Keeping a diary is great and helps you let off steam, plus it's so fun looking back on your entries! If I feel like writing about feminism or what I want people to know how I feel about a topic, I'll write an essay and either keep it for myself or I'll send it to Rookie Mag!
  4. Play around with makeup.
    I absolutely love playing around with makeup and discovering new looks. Sometimes I'll just wear some bright colored eyeshadow just bc I feel like it.
  5. Drink protein shakes.
    This is a weird one and it doesn't fit in well with my other suggestions, but drinking my Kellogg protein shakes give me so much energy and make me feel great!
  6. Take pictures.
    Take pictures of yourself. You do you, girl. Take millions of selfies and post them wherever and whenever you want. It's your body, your rules!
  7. Look at pictures taken by Petra Collins, Mayan Toledano, and Me and You. (Instagram is petrafcollins and its_meandyou)
    These ladies take beautiful pictures of everyone of every size and shape. Every time I see a picture from off their site, it makes me feel so much better and safer being a girl. Check them out!
  8. "Who cares what middle aged men think." -Rowan Blanchard.
    seriously, though. Wear what you want, look how you want and don't worry about what other people think. Their opinion about how you should look or act is irrelevant. Remember that. 💖🌹