Unique Unrelatables
  1. The way your favorite pair of sneakers become meant for your foot and your foot only
  2. The feeling you get when you ace the exam you thought was going to kill you
  3. How a hot shower can mend the breaks and holes in your skeleton
  4. The stages of a snowflake melting on your eyelid during the first good snowstorm
    And always realizing how another one like that will never happen again
  5. The weightlessness of your body the first time you dive completely underwater for the first time in the summer
    You can never believe how much weight you have to carry around on dry land all winter
  6. The unique harmony of just your friends' voices screaming unknown words to the new best song of the semester in the car
    Or best old song pick your poison
  7. When you spend hours on end alone studying and stressing and then coincidentally run into one of those people who always make you smile
  8. When you are surprised in such an intimate and personal way that you try to smile as wide as the extent of your appreciation
    And it never feels like enough but that's okay
  9. Sleeping in your underwear after running to and from classes in jeans and a tight shirt all day
    If you don't sleep in your underwear you're a fool and a coward
  10. Feeling rain splash on your face after you decide you're brave enough to go for a run in it
  11. And then feeling rewarded when people find out you're that brave
  12. The smell of your parent's house after being away for months
    When they find a name and a way to bottle that smell I will purchase it by the gallon
  13. And the way that their lives revolve around you for the first 24 hours you come home
    Of course I want you to cook me the best home made dinner of my life
  14. Forgiveness for and from others
  15. Even if it means it has to be renewed every once in awhile
    Because stopping after two chances is BS since we all fuck up all the time
  16. Your dog making his unique noises when you scratch him in his favorite place
    You know the spot