Why do so many trailer parks have the most pretentious names? Desperate hope for nominative determinism?? I'ma make some up here:
  1. Fawnsdagger Estates
  2. Crestfallen Heights
  3. Meth Manor
  4. PoliceAid Palisades
  5. Velveeta Village
  6. Pabst Pointe
  7. Lawnswagger Square
  8. The Muddy Moor
  9. The Villas of Breaking Pointe
  10. Tumult Terrace
  11. Rifle Grip Ridge
  12. Winsome at Casino Cove
  13. Homes of Heroin Heights
  14. Peace Officer Pointe
  15. Savoy Heritage in Trotsworth (S.H.I.T.)
  16. Jazzmyne Junktion