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Distraction in the form of TV shows
  1. Broad City
    Julie Lowe recommend
  2. New season of orange is the new black
  3. Atypical
    Kels & Padre recommend
3 more...
  1. I can always pick the shortest check out line at grocery stores
  2. Blake Shelton is always the villain in my bad dreams
  3. I can tell when a question on jeopardy is going to be daily double
  1. Adults named Ellie
    Not like Elenor or Elizabeth just Ellie.
  2. The sound of people chewing
  3. Meditation
7 more...
  1. "A+"
  2. "Kid"
6 more...
  1. "Yo tie dye girl"
    Esp: "do you believe in magic"
  2. "The perfect space" Avett brothers
  3. "C's get degrees" playlist
3 more...
  1. "You're the magicians assistant in your dreams" -Riptide by Vance Joy
    "Your mother shot your sister in you dreams"
  2. "Where them old folks ain't around" -California by Jamestown Revival
    "Where the mofo's ain't around"
  3. "Home at last" Angela by The Lumineers
2 more...
  1. Dennis Quaid
  2. English Muffins
  3. Fitbit
4 more...
  1. "Be careful you don't move their prefart around"
    Bumbach referring to auscultation before palpating in the abdomen
  2. "They're vagina is way easier than ours"
    Alexis talking about the models for Foley catheter inserting
  3. "You shouldn't be worried because it's probably not real urine"
    Derrico about the catheter models
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And the things they remind me of
  1. Ironic- Alanis Morisett
    Singing in the car with kels and punka really loud and the jimmy Fallon/JT video
  2. Long Live- Taylor Swift
  3. You Can Call Me Al- Paul Simon
    Driving on the parkway with Anna, Gail, Lo, and Riley
7 more...
  1. Run a little
    Or at all just keep being active. In the mornings would be good
  2. Use the stair machine
    Get ready for some real good hikes
    Seriously do something
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