1. Run a little
    Or at all just keep being active. In the mornings would be good
  2. Use the stair machine
    Get ready for some real good hikes
    Seriously do something
  4. Keep doing bucket list things
    Your doing good kid keep it up
  5. Work hard
  6. Play harder
  7. You're not sorry
    Stop saying sorry for things and start saying thank you instead. For example: omg I'm so sorry I'm late = thank you so much for taking your time to wait for me
  8. Do your one second everyday, everyday!!
    Think of how good it's going to be to look back at this next year because SO much is going to happen for you this year & I don't want you to forget any of it
  9. Keep going places you've never been & go there often
  10. Do somethings that spooks ya a little
    Like dropping everything and moving to a camp for three months, teaching rock climbing, or starting nursing school