And the things they remind me of
  1. Ironic- Alanis Morisett
    Singing in the car with kels and punka really loud and the jimmy Fallon/JT video
  2. Long Live- Taylor Swift
  3. You Can Call Me Al- Paul Simon
    Driving on the parkway with Anna, Gail, Lo, and Riley
  4. Cmon- Kesha
    Junior spring (AP exams) and summer/Jessica
  5. California- Jamestown Revival
    Summer 2016 and the staff campout during time off after July where we were all sitting around the fire, Lex and I were "bunk buddies", Anna was teaching me how to play smoke on the water, and Megan yelled "EMCO FOUND HERSELF TO THIS SONG"
  6. Get on your feet- Gloria Estefan
    Mornings in July 2016
  7. "I and Love and You" Avett Brothers
    Linville sunset and the bus ride to Linville when Leah and Sophie were so shocked I like the Avett Brothers
  8. "Head Full of Doubt Heart Full of Promise"- Avett Brothers
    Dad and my freshman year of college and getting adjusted
  9. "Nobody Knows"-Lumineers
    Sobbing in an Ingles parking lot
  10. "Allstar" -SmashMouth
    Trip to the canyon with j and ana
  11. "Women" -Kesha
    24 with Becky/any time Becky & I left camp together/any time someone gave me the aux after this song came out
  12. "Someday" -Sam Birchfield
    June linville when Meghan showed it to me & July Linville when Jenna & I played it a zillion times