1. "Be careful you don't move their prefart around"
    Bumbach referring to auscultation before palpating in the abdomen
  2. "They're vagina is way easier than ours"
    Alexis talking about the models for Foley catheter inserting
  3. "You shouldn't be worried because it's probably not real urine"
    Derrico about the catheter models
  4. "Honestly we got so lucky with this fresh arm!"
    Emily P about the arm we learned about drawing blood on because it didn't have that many sticks
  5. "We have to hustle so we can get a good arm this time"
  6. "I actually saw a butt today and couldn't find the hole" -Tess
    Talking about giving suppositories
  7. "Oh my gosh what color is your pee????"
    Emily P at steak and shake about Alexis not drinking water
  8. Static
    After mel send a snap of a fern and said "when you're studying next to a fern with a way larger genome and ur a little intimidated"
  9. "'Oh senior year!! One year until you're out and working!!' Excuse me while I go diarrhea"
    Tess lol
  10. "Just sitting outside....soaking up the carcinogens"