Having no money in a place like Urban doesn't stop you from dreaming of the things you could buy if you DID have money
  1. This sweater is soft
    Sure it's $50, which is like at least 5 meals at Chipotle, but if I rub it up against my face it feels so nice
  2. I need a record player
    There's no price tag on the shelf by the record player which means I probably can't afford it, but just look at all those records begging to be played
  3. If I wear these sunglasses maybe I'll look like Taylor Swift
    NOPE nope nope, put them down before anyone sees them on your face
  4. This dress would be the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe
    If I can't find the price tag that means today it's free right?
  5. Oh look, a coffee table book
    Coffee table books are for fancy people, I might not be fancy enough for a coffee table book
  6. This t-shirt is just what I've been looking for
    Oh? I'm in the men's department? I was just shopping for, umm, my brother
  7. The sale section is definitely where I'll find the good deals!
    Andddd this dress is on sale for $60, it's time to leave