1. She is always happy to see me
    Whether I've been gone all day at work or just went outside to check my mail her little but wiggles and she is filled with excitement that I'm back!
  2. Best cuddles!
    Every night I fall asleep and she's curled up under my neck or my shoulder. When I awake she's usually on my legs or my face. Sooooo warm!
  3. The cutest thing in the world
    She is literally the cutest thing in the world
  4. Her love is unconditional
    Whether I've just given her a new toy to destroy or I've yelled at her for peeing on the floor... She loves me no matter what. Certainly can't say that about humans.
  5. Never drink alone
    Even if I'm just enjoying a glass of wine I'm not technically drinking alone. Sure she's not drinking, and of course this makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I never have to drink alone.
  6. Easy topic of conversations
    When everyone else at work is talking about child birth or their too many children..... I simply just say... "Well I have a dog." Pretty cool I know.
  7. I always have someone to hang out with
    I never have to text her in advance to see if she can hang out tonight and watch Star Wars with me. She's not going to come up with some lame excuse for being busy.
  8. She's my best friend
    Sure she occasionally bites me. Sometimes she even barks back when I tell her no. She has even peed on my bed. Ate the nose off my favorite stuffed animal, but that little mushy face is still my very best friend.