1. Radiolab
    Sciency stuff made into great narratives. The most interesting podcast hands down. Only downside is that it only comes out once a month. Plus my friend Walter was on an episode.
  2. Serial
    Season 1 only. Season 2 still has to prove itself to me.
  3. Stuff You Should Know
    Literally anything you want to know about: hiccups, the Donner party, AIDS, hosts Josh and Chuck have a delightfully weird dynamic.
  4. NPR Morning Edition
  5. My Sexy Podcast
    Sabrina Jalees is a funny babe. Downside: it's on a hiatus since Jalees moved to LA to write for a new show but there are still plenty of episodes to catch up on.
  6. NPR Hourly News Podcast
    Short. Sweet. To the point. Several editions throughout the day.
  7. Hidden Brain
    It's like a Malcolm Gladwell book IRL.
  8. This American Life