Happy 200,000 miles bb
  1. Drove me to Pittsburgh during my first year of college.
    Don't know how I would have made it through that year without visiting Jess-muffin. Pittsburgh was a light and I felt so comfortable and happy in the car.
  2. Has taken me to the Virginia mountains and back upwards of 50 times
    Bless it
  3. A way to get to therapy in college!
    Chapel hill carrboro buses are great, but not THAT great
    I don't know why blanche and I went to Nashville before we turned 21 but it wasn't all bad
  5. Oral history research trips
    Because I was lucky enough to have my car in school, I once spontaneously drove to Asheville to do an oral history and it was so fantastic.
  6. A lot of Dixie chicks memories
  7. A sanctuary
    See: my church, an A+ song by Maren Morris
  8. Quality time w friends.
    Some of the best conversations happen in the car 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  9. Safety
    Thank you for protecting me during a car crash! And never breaking down even though I take minimal care of you! I'll do better I promise!