It's 8:00 a.m.
  1. Am I still sick?
    I have had an ear infection, eye infection, and mystery allergic reaction this week. Last night I really thought I was in the clear but today I woke up with a bad sore throat. Is it possible this is a side effect of my prescription antibiotics or steroids? I am getting tired of quarantine.
  2. Good morning, plants!!!!
    I got a new plant yesterday and felt a very deep joy when I saw it this morning. So green! So grateful
  3. Whether or not 6:30 a.m. is an appropriate time to watch an episode of law and order svu
    It's not
  4. Should I put coconut oil in my smoothie?
    I'm trying to eat more healthy fats which will supposedly help me absorb more vitamin d (which I lack in excess). I am not enjoying the taste or texture of coconut oil in my smoothie.
  5. Why does my coffee smell a little like popcorn?
    Seeking answers and explanations
  6. Life would be better if I took off my t shirt and put on my robe
    So I did it.
  7. I am really excited to see my boss today
    I have an amazing boss. We share most of the same taste in media and flowers except he likes the foo fighters which is hard for me to understand. I am excited to tell him about my new plants and leadership process ideas.
  8. I love my job
    It's really great. It is probably the strangest job I'll ever have and I'm definitely overworked and underpaid but I love the students I work with and I feel useful and grateful almost all the damn time.
  9. On resilience
    It has been a really hard week and I feel overwhelmed a lot these days. I feel more capable of handling it - handling it with grace - than I have in my whole life. The capacity for joy is running high.
  10. Bless apple cider vinegar
  11. I love morning