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I admit, I lack patience. But still.
  1. People who don't use turn signals (or "directionals" as we call them in Massachusetts). I don't want to have to tap into any latent psychic gifts on a highway.
  2. How things are placed in front of me when I'm at any sushi joint. Why aren't the chopsticks, tea cup, etc aligned with my person vs some other aesthetic plane that I clearly don't live on? It makes me feel like I've been left out of some big universal a-ha.
  3. People giving a speech who complain that their time has been cut. We aren't your therapist.
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My kids are 9 and 12; these ships of evil have sailed.
  1. Barney
  2. Teletubbies
  3. Trains (I tried. My kids don't dig vehicles.)
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I'm in the midst of doing the #whole30 - and it's been more and less interesting than I expected.
  1. Cauliflower rice in coconut oil: totally better than actual rice.
  2. Spaghetti squash: also far closer to actual spaghetti than I remember.
  3. Even on a plan like this, I don't like red meat any better. It's gross.
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Although I'm not a fan of most traditional Thanksgiving food or football, I like this holiday because it is food centric, fall clothes are flattering, I love a parade, and there's no gifts, carols, major decor - just a focus on how we are fortunate.
  1. Healthy, kind, witty, smart kids. In pretty much that order. They are also handsome and are still prone for snuggling which I take as a bonus.
  2. A comfortable home that expands to fit friends and family and chaos, and contracts to embrace our family and even me, alone.
  3. Ride-or-die friendships, including some folks that I'm also related to, which again, is a bonus.
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  1. Mother of two boys
  2. Hater of pastels
  3. Aficionado of 80s pop
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  1. Port wine cheese (fancy)
  2. Onion dip (only put out for guests)
  3. Rice pilaf, from a box
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