Although I'm not a fan of most traditional Thanksgiving food or football, I like this holiday because it is food centric, fall clothes are flattering, I love a parade, and there's no gifts, carols, major decor - just a focus on how we are fortunate.
  1. Healthy, kind, witty, smart kids. In pretty much that order. They are also handsome and are still prone for snuggling which I take as a bonus.
  2. A comfortable home that expands to fit friends and family and chaos, and contracts to embrace our family and even me, alone.
  3. Ride-or-die friendships, including some folks that I'm also related to, which again, is a bonus.
  4. A job in a company I helped to build, a career that has allowed me to both make an impact and be part of a true community, and colleagues that are true friends. I love going to work, in my office, with my grownup smart friends each day. Truly. And I know that's a gift.
  5. That #blessed seems to finally be accepted as a BS ironic term. It makes me crazy.
  6. The Gilmore Girls.
  7. A brilliant, hot, funny guy who gets me - and the means to see each other regularly despite a distance of 700 miles.
  8. My lifelong best friend. In 2017, we celebrate 40 years of friendship. That is such a big deal; we should celebrate our friend-versaries more.