I admit, I lack patience. But still.
  1. People who don't use turn signals (or "directionals" as we call them in Massachusetts). I don't want to have to tap into any latent psychic gifts on a highway.
  2. How things are placed in front of me when I'm at any sushi joint. Why aren't the chopsticks, tea cup, etc aligned with my person vs some other aesthetic plane that I clearly don't live on? It makes me feel like I've been left out of some big universal a-ha.
  3. People giving a speech who complain that their time has been cut. We aren't your therapist.
  4. People who do a silent fake laugh complete with shaking shoulders in a meeting to show they think something is funny or odd, like transient noise from someone calling in from a cell phone. It's very Snidely Whiplash in my head.
  5. Me, whining about petty bullshit.