1. Full House
    A spinoff of the hit series "House," "Full House" follows Hugh Laurie as he tours the country eating at various Thai restaurants and throwing insults at the wait staff- Think Bar Rescue meets Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.
  2. 30 Rock
    This educational children's programming features a Sesame Street style skit show with various guest stars and short stories, But Instead of muppets, there are 30 characters who are all rocks with googly eyes
  3. Sex in the City
    James Dean's reality show
  4. The Office
    Low budget sexual harassment in the workplace video that shows Dateline level dramatic reenactments of real life workplace no-no's. Surprisingly the 3 part VHS tape was a hit and was picked up by CBS for a 20 episode premiere season.
  5. Friday Night Lights
    This Drama follows the life of a teenage Stage Manager who's Friday nights consist of setting up mics and working back stage for her hometown's youth theater house. She slowly evolves from an intellectual wallflower into a center stage hero.
  6. Family Feud
    Romeo and Juliette spinoff that follows the descendants of Montagues and Capulets. The children are kept In the dark about the families history and meet in secret to Magic-Tree-House-style piece together the past.
  7. Keeping up with the Kardashians
    Documentary that investigates the Car-Dash-Ian's a gang of ruthless car jackers who run a muck in the streets of Philadelphia. (name changed in title for copyright laws) Shocking season finale concludes with a member of the gang coming forward for a tell all interview.
  8. Shark Tank
    Reality TV stars are dangled over a shark tank and given third grade level trivia questions, the more you get right, the closer you get to safety. Loser gets dropped in the tank and eaten alive.
  9. You're the Worst
    Intervention style reality show where friends and family confront a person about all of their failings and how they can be a better version of themselves.
    Suggested by @gwenllain