1. Insanely differing opinions
    Spouse1: I'd like a craftsman style in the heart of San Diego. Spouse2: I'm really looking for a log cabin right on the Swiss alps
  2. Outrageous wishlists and minuscule budgets
    Finished basement. Granite countertops. Stainless steal appliances. 5+ bedrooms. 6+ bathrooms. A pool. A fountain. A water park. 4 car garage. In the best neighborhood all for $10
  3. When you just know a couple isn't going to last
    I can smell divorce from opinions on a formal dining room
  4. When the broker is a relative
    "And we are lucky to have my cousin Bobby as our agent"
  5. When the house has nothing they wanted and they still go for it
    Zero checks on the wishlist but that shower in the master bath really just sold them
  6. Real estate agents passive aggressive tones in the interviews
    The clients expectations are unrealistic but we are going to keep looking and hopefully make a compromise :) :) :)
  7. Says they won't go a dime over $200,000 yet continue to view and consider houses over budget
  8. When they abuse the agent
    House has carpet in the bathroom- time to verbally destroy the agent and take their first born child