1. Friday I'm going to be standing outside in Boston for multiple hours.
  2. It's supposed to be 34 degrees.
  3. Now I know I'm wearing my winter jacket and a nice warm shirt
  4. But do I wear leggings under jeans?
  5. Two pairs of leggings?
  6. Bite the bullet and wear just one pair of jeans?
  7. Also how many pairs of socks do I need?
  8. Two?
  9. Three?
  10. Do I wear leather boots or bean boots?
  11. Which will be warmer?
  12. Which has more room for sock layers?
  13. Do I have enough room in my purse for extra gloves?
  14. I need a bigger purse.
  15. Can I wear a hat and still look cute?
  16. Can I borrow my sisters cute hat?
  17. Do I have a clean shirt to accommodate the scarf I want to wear?
  18. Ugh.
  19. My feet will still be cold.