Nostalgic NCIS memories

Goodbye DiNozzo :(
  1. NCIS was the first real tv I ever watched. Prior to my discovery of it, all I ever watched was animal cops Huston and amazing animal acts
  2. I knew Ziva as a main character before I knew Kate and watched backwards knowing she left
  3. I used to track the reruns playing on USA because I needed to watch the episode where Kate gets killed
  4. The day I finally saw that episode it was the first time I ever drank coffee and I was literally bouncing up and down screaming of happiness (ask my sister) then subsequently sobbing because Kate is dead
  5. In probably 6th grade I had a choreographed dance to the theme song and one time my sister caught me performing. Unfortunate for me, very fortunate for her
  6. I still think there is this episode out there with Santa in it that I've never seen and every time NCIS is on TV I check to make sure it's not that episode
  7. Least favorite season: the one with EJ Barrett (who are you? go away)
  8. Favorite season: All the ones where Ziva is a badass and sexual tension with Tony
  9. I felt like a traitor when I immediately liked Ellie Bishop as a Ziva replacement
  10. I feel like a traitor now that DiNozzo is leaving and I haven't been up to date in a year and a half
  11. I just watched 3 episodes and the show never loses it's shine. I was very emotionally invested but probably because I grew up watching these characters and the pivotal moments in their lives
  12. One good episode is the one where the kid has a bombed strapped onto him at a military base school
  13. Another is when that woman gives birth on Christmas Eve to the silent night sound track and Gibbs takes it out of the womb
  14. My sister always like Jimmy Palmer and would be thrilled to see he finally has his name in the credits
  15. Favorite credit scene: McGee pretending the elevator is a jet pack
  16. Favorite Director: Vance and Jenny are a little equal just because the episode where Jenny does is legendary and Vance is solid
  17. ❤️ thanks to NCIS and DiNozzo for always getting me sappy