ILY @list These are merely friendly suggestions!!
  1. Outline format
    Some I's maybe a few 1. 2. 3.'s and of course a. b. c.
  2. Columns
    Pro / con. But I could think of other uses so customizable labels would be best
  3. Polls
    Or the option to attach votes as one does pictures.
  4. Pictures that aren't just squares
  5. Be able to see the list (again) while I am commenting. Fewer < to get back to what we used to see without them. The little pictures to share with other social apps. Where the hell did that bs come from?
    Suggested by @reconditioner
  6. Save pictures or gifs
    As a huge gif collector, I see so many here I want to hold onto, but they're lost forever.
    Suggested by @theranman
  7. Maybe a web based version since it's easier to type also sometimes I don't get wifi or cell signals i work in a dingy basement. Sorry for the selfish undertoon
    Suggested by @fm