Disclaimer: I love journalism and get that the paper is an American treasure and what-not but come on people!
  1. It's too big
    Reading the newspaper is not as convenient as it looks in 60's films. Sitting tightly on a subway and someone opens up the damn paper .. There's no room for that!
  2. Cover stories
    Ok I get that they need to show as many good stories on the cover as they can but I hate reading half of a cover story then being asked to flip to page A6 for the rest. Sometimes I do it, and it's usually not worth it. Just put the whole story in one place.
  3. Endless leaflets
    I don't know how it's organized, I don't know why this page came out and where I need to put it back, I dropped them all and now they're everywhere. Please help
  4. It's paper
    Ok this is probably just me but the rough feel of the paper itself is deterring
  5. It's hard to hold
    The fact that it's not bound and is humongous and flimsy makes it impossible for me to read the newspaper anywhere but my kitchen table
  6. It's hard to fold
    Ok not so much anymore but when I was little I would read what I wanted to then attempt to fold it back up until I got frustrated and just shoved it back together