1. Finishing a homework assignment and feeling good about your effort and your answers
    Rare in my life
  2. When the bell rings during last period on a Friday
  3. Finishing cleaning your room
  4. Using a brand new pencil
  5. Scooping the first bit of peanut butter from a new jar
  6. Making food and realizing it actually tastes good
  7. Peeling the plastic off a new electronic
  8. Being done with a deadly project
  9. Dusting something super dusty
  10. Sweeping a cement floor
  11. Being done with homework and realizing it's not passed 10 pm
  12. Printing out a paper and knowing whatever happens is out of your hands from then on
  13. Breaking the seal on a new water bottle
  14. Getting into bed at night
  15. Walking into a well lit bathroom stall