But are totally cool on a weekend
  1. People walking slowly
    You might not have places to be but I do!
  2. TV
    :( I miss watching Ellen at 4:00 everyday
  3. Cleaning my room
    It's a weekend activity
  4. Carving pumpkins / Holliday related activities
    This made me really sad but I just didn't get around to it
  5. Group projects that you do all the work for
    Project made for three but done by one. Tries to passively tell them I'm annoyed, they don't catch on.
  6. Driving people places
    (My sister's friends and my neighbors) Please text your parents and not me. I am a very busy person
  7. Watching movies in class
    I never watch movies in class because I'm constantly doing work for other classes. I actually feel like I'm being lazy when I sit and enjoy a movie
  8. Last minute babysitting
    Please text me AT LEAST four days in advance so that I can plan my life to leave room for your kids.
  9. Parents not coming home when they say they will
    "Hey I'm actually not going to be home until 10:30 is that ok?" No, it is not. And this makes me wary of babysitting for you in the future
  10. Busy work
    Teachers, don't give us busywork in the middle of the week. If something is not serving a purpose, we don't need it. And yes we can 100% tell what is busywork / what is valuable