I'm generally a happy person lol
  1. Big spoons
    Not soup spoons, just the next size up from a normal spoon. I just really really don't like eating with them.
  2. Leaving the house with my phone below 20% battery
    I beat myself up for it
  3. Bad pizza
    I cried the last time I had a sucky piece of pizza, not because I blamed the guy who made it, but I was genuinely angry at the pizza for tasting like shit. YOU HAVE ONE JOB PIZZA
  4. When my mom says she's going to bed and I have hours of homework left
    I feel terrible but I usually just scowl at her.
  5. When people talk loudly or play music before its light out in the morning
    We can talk, just at a very calm whisper until the sun gets up.
  6. Following a recipe perfectly and still fucking up the food
    I just don't understand
  7. Fans that turn on when you turn on a light in the bathroom
    Too loud
  8. TBC