1. Taxonomy
    It's so pleasingly organized that as a control freak I really appreciate the subject
  2. Geography
    I wish I had a map of the entire world in my brain to refer to
  3. Art Heists
    I don't know why but stolen art is really cool and I wish there were more movies about it
  4. Modern conflicts
    Nationally and globally I feel like I would benefit from class discussion about what's going on. This class should probably be mandatory.
  5. Jail Breaks
    Similar to art heists, these are just cool.
  6. Native American History
    These people are underrated and I want to know how it was going before we got here and ruined it all.
  7. Town History
    My town is pretty small but JFK came once so at least that's cool. Included in this course could be current town politics.
  8. Government
    Basically we get introductions to senate and house members along with the Secretary of State vp and other important government figures, then we follow bills the senate votes on or conflicts the president discusses and probably model government processes.
  9. US Presidents and their dogs
    Joint course on dog species and presidents