I ❤️ emojis!
  1. 💖
    Love, plus a little sparkle
  2. 🐋
    Sassy whale, I once read something that said this whale doesn't have time for any of your bullsh*t and it's so true.
  3. 🍾
    From the new emoji update: this champagne is so fun and classy, makes me want to throw on a party dress!
  4. 😘
    Pretty self explanatory
  5. 🍰
    I love cake, in real life and in emoji form
  6. 🖋
    This fancy pen makes me want to do some fancy calligraphy that I can't do or write the great American novel
  7. 🐿
    Another new one, this little guy is so cute
  8. 🤗
    I love this guy because JAZZ HANDS!