Best Nerdisms of Ben Wyatt

Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster. Pshhh...everything about Ben Wyatt is perfect...except the part where he doesn't get the glory of L'il Sebastian.
  1. The invention of Cones of Dunshire
    And then beating the Gryzzl team at the game with his humble farmer
  2. Claymaysh- Requiem for a Tuesday
    Both the fact that he tries to make claymation, and that he nicknamed it claymaysh.
  3. The Iron Throne
    And he made this face about it
  4. When he was Wesley from The Princess Bride
    And Leslie was Princess Buttercup and it was a wonderful clash of geekdom
  5. His Board Game Bachelor Party
    Bachelor Boy is nationally ranked in Settlers of Catan
  6. His love for Letters to Cleo
    First the t-shirt. Then his dancing singing joyful fangirling at the Unity Concert
  7. His NEED to know that Andy doesn't really believe Hogwarts is real
    I'm with Andy on this one
  8. Dr. Buttons
    The name of his calculator
  9. His accounting related puns
  10. Model UN
    Making geopolitical problem solving his bitch
  11. When he points out that nerds are mainstream now
    So when you discuss it derogatorily it means you're the one that's out of the zeitgeist
  12. Buying his very own Batman suit
    Treat yo'self
  13. He writes Star Trek fan fiction