Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster. Pshhh...everything about Ben Wyatt is perfect...except the part where he doesn't get the glory of L'il Sebastian.
  1. The invention of Cones of Dunshire
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    And then beating the Gryzzl team at the game with his humble farmer
  2. Claymaysh- Requiem for a Tuesday
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    Both the fact that he tries to make claymation, and that he nicknamed it claymaysh.
  3. The Iron Throne
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    And he made this face about it
  4. When he was Wesley from The Princess Bride
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    And Leslie was Princess Buttercup and it was a wonderful clash of geekdom
  5. His Board Game Bachelor Party
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    Bachelor Boy is nationally ranked in Settlers of Catan
  6. His love for Letters to Cleo
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    First the t-shirt. Then his dancing singing joyful fangirling at the Unity Concert
  7. His NEED to know that Andy doesn't really believe Hogwarts is real
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    I'm with Andy on this one
  8. Dr. Buttons
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    The name of his calculator
  9. His accounting related puns
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  10. Model UN
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    Making geopolitical problem solving his bitch
  11. When he points out that nerds are mainstream now
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    So when you discuss it derogatorily it means you're the one that's out of the zeitgeist
  12. Buying his very own Batman suit
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    Treat yo'self
  13. He writes Star Trek fan fiction
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