I really like great beer. And pictures of beer.
  1. Stone Thunderstruck IPA
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  2. Dark Horse Smells Like a Safety Meeting
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    Used to be called Smells Like Weed
  3. Bells Hopslam
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    An American treasure
  4. Night Shift Brewery
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    Boston, MA killer brewery
  5. Smells Like Freedom
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  6. Stone Master of Disguise
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    Damn mysterious and deceptive
  7. District Common
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    Atlas Brewing, DC
  8. Left Hand Twin Sisters Double IPA
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    Colorado beer is Killer beer
  9. Old Pro Gose
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    Union Craft, Baltimore MD
  10. Welcome to Scoville
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    Jalapeño IPA
  11. Space Dust IPA
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    Elysian Brewing, Seattle Washington
  12. Bluejacket Brewery
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    Washington, DC
  13. Twisted Manzanita Iron Mountain IPA
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    San Diego. Land of beer.
  14. Eye Patch Ale
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    Monday Night Brewing Atlanta, GA
  15. Assorted beer tasting
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