It's a beautiful day!
  1. Sitting in the park
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    Enjoying the last bits of warmth!
  2. Listening to "On the Bus Mall"
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    ❤️ Colin Meloy
  3. Singing with gusto
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    It's so good for your soul to sing out loud. IDGAF if anyone hears.
  4. Drinking a sneaky beer
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    DC Brau Corruption in my Bear Hugs Freaker
  5. Re-reading the latest in the Outlander series
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    Have loved this series for years and love visiting old friends [sidebar: my Bear Hugs Freaker has a butt side too!]
  6. Smelling the crispness of Fall mixed in with the smell of my hair from the bonfire last night
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    Seriously, it was the best lil fire
  7. Feeling love
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    My bookmark is this old note from a bestie. I don't even know when it is from, just discovered it in the pages of a book.