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I was only playing S Club 7 because I was DJing a roadtrip, I promise!!
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    Once, I had to write a rebel fight song about the metric system (grad school is weird), so naturally, I did a deep dive into Kid Rock's discography and lyrics. And my friends did a deep dive into torment and mocking me.
    That flowing mane is all the inspiration I needed, though.
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    Let's not forget the time I was listening to my "Mofos <3 Motown" mix at the gym and received millions (okay, three) screenshots of me listening to "Let's Get It On"
    I was just trying to get my fitness on.
  3. 3.
    Paul McCartney is a legend. He made some great music with The Beatles. His stuff with Wings is pretty good. But the true pinnacle of his music career (and tbh all of music) was Wonderful Christmastime. I listen to it year round, but I don't need the rest of the world to know- they just wouldn't understand, and their mocking screenshots prove that.
    Simply having a Wonderful Christmastime in April.
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