As I lay in bed enjoying the quiet I am reminded
  1. I was born and raised in Cleveland and grew up knowing what COLD is.
  2. I was always told if you are cold put on another layer of clothes or grab a blanket because winter is long in CLE and we are not turning up the heat
  3. I refuse to turn on my heat yet for the above mentioned reason
  4. Last night was colder than previous nights
  5. My puggle likes to snuggle when it gets cold
  6. Actually my puggle likes to snuggle all the time but especially when it's cold
  7. She slept under the covers last night
  8. My whole room now smells like puppy paws or Corn Chips
  9. That is one of my absolute favorite smells
  10. Yes I know where the smell comes from and why dogs' paws smell like that when they sleep
  11. No I don't care - it's one of the best smells ever
  12. Life is good