My husband and I live the high life.
  1. We were the last people out of Costco on Friday night.
  2. We went in to pick some stuff up for a big party I'm helping organize.
  3. We grabbed some food, since we always time our meals with our Costco visits.
    Pizza, of course. Pepperoni for me 😋, Supreme for him 😫.
  4. We sat down and gabbed and ate, just in our own little world.
  5. I ran to the restroom before we left.
  6. I came out and we headed to the Exit.
  7. An employee followed us, like a personal escort.
  8. My husband said we were the last customers there.
  9. "How do you know?" I asked.
  10. "Because they just announced 'The last customers are leaving the store, unlock the door please.'"
  11. As is to be expected from such an establishment, everyone was really nice, wishing us a good night.
  12. Who knows how long we would've sat there chatting over pizza before they kicked us out, if ever?
  13. I snapped a selfie of our rebellion.
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    This is what an exciting life looks like.
  14. We ❤️ Costco and always will.
    Sam's Club, what?