1. This evening my daughter asked me to give her some privacy while she went in her room and closed the door in order to pray for all humanity. 😇
  2. I said "Cool. Great, ok."
  3. But I didn't believe her. Mainly because she's 5.
  4. While she has frequent moments of extreme generosity and caring, she's not that altruistic.
    Mainly because she's 5.
  5. My husband was in the kitchen so I gave him a heads up so I could attend to my youngest.
    "Our daughter says she is praying in private. Go peek in on her."
  6. My husband opened her door to see her standing in her room with her leggings off.
  7. She charged at the door and slammed his face in the door jam.
  8. He fell to the floor.
  9. Then came the real story.
  10. She didn't make it in time to the bathroom and needed to change her underwear.
  11. We explained that it was not a big deal and she didn't need to lie about it.
  12. But, she insisted, she really DID pray. 🙏🏽
  13. But I secretly was proud.
  14. Of myself.
  15. Can't fool me, little girl!
  16. I 💗 being a mom.
  17. P.S. My husband's face is ok.