If you've never driven you can ignore this list
  1. Four-way stops are not for the faint-hearted or the unlicensed.
  2. They confuse people, a.k.a nincompoops.
  3. They take forever. Because of aforementioned nincompoops.
  4. Four-way stops are no place to be courteous, waiting for someone to go on ahead of you. Make your stop and move on, people. You only look like an idiot otherwise.
  5. I prefer to "totally pause." Right, Cher?
  6. I mentally cheer someone who is a ruthless four-way stopper.
    These people usually drive straight through, barely pausing when the person in the lane next to them is going straight, too.
  7. Myth Busters proved that roundabouts are faster and more effective. So why do four-way stops still exist? Government, do you have any suggestions?
  8. I clearly had a bad experience today. And yesterday. And the day before that.