Inspired by @ChrisK, and all the other amazing inspired-by reads I read today.
  1. My grandma's basement
    Not musty, just basement-y. Like cool air and wood panels and old comforters.
  2. Malibu Musk spray from 1989
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    Taylor Swift's generation will obviously not remember this one. Rest assured it smelled amazing.
  3. The smell of warm summer monsoon rainstorms
  4. Corn pudding at my G.M.'s (grandmother) house
    Gag! She was a great cook but this was not a favorite and of course the one smell I distinctly remember.
  5. The air freshener in my Grandad's bathroom
    An unremarkable smell in a push dispenser attached to the wall. (It actually said "Push" on it--a kid's dream!) We weren't allowed to spray it, so we tried to do it in secret. My sister got caught and got in big trouble. That locked the smell in for me.
  6. Flowering citrus trees in spring and summer
  7. Those little plastic balloons
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    A scent so strong I can remember it still and I only played with them a few times. I'm still a little obsessed with them tbh.
  8. Chapstick original
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    My dad used it. It sat on his dresser and had such a distinct smell. I loved it. Just thinking about it makes me nostalgic.
  9. Green alfalfa fields
    A delicious smell. A plus to growing up in a rural community.
  10. My Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin figurines
    Oh, to die for.
  11. Honorable mention: my dad's cologne
    Not to be included as I just smelled it recently. It's the one possession I've hung onto since his passing. I don't have it at my house but when I'm at my mom's and am feeling brave I'll uncap it.