Requested by @mlb
Thanks @mlb for the request! Since Thanksgiving has already passed, I'll save the big grateful doozies for another day. Just assume my loved ones are the very best things in my life all the time. So right this second:
  1. Mah dog
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    She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she is the greatest. Sometimes her large size is a hindrance but she is a very cool, sweet dog. She's spoiled and has a bed in my room and a bed out in the family area. Every night she follows me into our room and sleeps with us. She's making funny noises in her sleep right now and I love it.
  2. Gummy bears from Sprouts
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    I just finished my stash and am feeling good about life right now.
  3. Interstellar
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    I just rewatched this flick recently and it has really resonated with me this time around. I love the overarching theme that love extends across time and distance, even death.
  4. Christmas choir
    My hubs and I are in a large choir and it has been sooo nice singing holiday songs these past weeks leading up to our concert this weekend. It's helped me focus on the important parts of the Christmas season.
  5. The kiddos, fast asleep.
    Ok I just can't leave them off this list. Today was a particularly long day. Seeing them asleep in their beds is so wonderful.