1. I went to Hawaii for the first time over the new year.
    A huge thanks to my in-laws!
  2. We stayed on Kauai.
  3. It's taken me weeks to adjust to normal life again.
  4. I'm still dreaming of poké…
    If you love ceviche or sushi, this is for you.
  5. and Chicken In A Barrel, L&L Hawaiian, and Kalua pork…
  6. Basically I ate my way through Kauai.
    Right, @anniemarkay?
  7. Plus, I got the tan of my life.
  8. And as a Latina, that's really saying something.
  9. My two food recommendations should you ever visit:
  10. Poké from Pono Market in Kapa'a
  11. And shaved ice from any Jojo's
    Passion fruit, mango, pineapple with macadamia nut ice cream 🍧
  12. New life goal:
    (Besides raising my kids to be good citizens)
  13. Move to Kauai.