This has been in my drafts for a week now. For a few of these it was clear I was on Facebook when I started it.
  1. Onions on McDonald's cheeseburgers
  2. Internet open letters
    Specifically parents of boys chastising/giving advice to parents of girls and vice versa.
  3. Ted Cruz running for President when he's Canadian-born
    Honestly, I wouldn't care if Cruz were born in Guam…or, Papua New Guinea. (I still wouldn't vote for him.) But after making such an unwarranted fuss about President Obama's birth certificate, I have to cry foul.
  4. Children's books that start out rhyming and then lose it all partway through.
  5. When all ethnicities but especially minority ethnicities don't show proper empathy for one another.
    We're all in this together, folks! We've all got a fight to win! Actually, our histories and subsequent battles in this country are a lot the same.
  6. Hitting like or ❤️ when it changes the number from a nice even number to an odd number, say from 60 to 61.
    The feeling passes quickly but I always hesitate a little.
  7. Dried fruit in anything besides granola.
    Leave my cookies alone, you little devils.
  8. The seemingly lost ability to give a genuine compliment.
    Complimenting someone isn't admitting that they're better than you.
  9. Kids not being taught to write in cursive.
    If they don't know how to write it, they won't know how to read it. How will they ever read historical documents like, the Constitution, or old family records?
  10. Romantic comedies without the influence of the Ephron sisters.
    I know there's some decent ones out there but something is just missing.
  11. Potatoes and carrots in stew.
    I'll take the meat and potatoes baked or mashed on the side, please.
  12. Pistachio ice cream
    Too confusing when mint chocolate chip is already in the mix. Choose another color!