It's already December 2016?!?!
  1. Cramming for an election the way I crammed for tests in college isn't any more effective now than it was then.
    This list was started in springtime and referenced a different election. For November's I studied like a mother and aced that ballot. (Obvs I'm not talking about the top slot—that was a no brainer—I'm brown, people!)
  2. Those car carts at the grocery store aren't as difficult to push as I thought.
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    But don't expect to buy much! Also, my youngest looks as though she really is driving!
  3. Those car carts are exactly as difficult as I thought.
    Especially when you get one that's as long as a limousine. Sorry, I kicked my kids out before I got a photo.
  4. Demonstrating to children how the earth spins on its axis as well as orbit the sun is too much spinning for my old body to take.
  5. Even though I'm an introvert, I need time with good girlfriends to feel like a human.
    My sis is my ride or die but she's states away. And my hubby remains my No. 1, o'course. I need other friendships too, which I realized more this year.
  6. I can do a LOT on little sleep, but I'm not the nicest person to be around when I don't get enough of it.
    I wanna live a long life! I need more sleep! Emily! Stop watching Brooklyn 99 and get to sleep!
  7. Pregnancy as a 37 year old is not as easy at it was 6 yrs ago.
  8. I am a bada** mother when it comes to pushing my babies out naturally.
  9. Speaking of which, I had another one!
  10. It is possible to cry about your six year old losing her front teeth when post-partum emotions are high.
    Her smile will never be the same! 😭
  11. Compassion is my word for the year. Listening is my action for the year. They will continue to be in 2017 as I am still mastering both, especially with my most favorite people, my daughters.
  12. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!