An open list
  1. She may starve.
    A total grazer, she eats consistently throughout the day. And she eats a big lunch. What will she do on a more rigid and demanding schedule?
  2. She may be too scared to stand up to the injustices around her.
    A tall order, I know.
  3. Will her teacher let her use the bathroom when she needs to?
  4. She'll grow up too fast.
    We were at a wedding and the little girls who are her age but already in kindergarten started dancing to Whip/Nae Nae. It was a frightening moment considering my daughter still loves Curious George and Handy Manny.
  5. Picturing her having Lockdown drills gives me nightmares.
  6. Trying to be friends with kids who aren't interested in being friends with her.
  7. She's gonna learn how to cuss.
    I actually might find this humorous.