1. Maynard James Keenan
    There is a lot of music this guy has made that I don't like, but that doesn't mean his voice doesn't rip my heart out. If you can't handle Tool, listen to A Perfect Circle; the digestible version of Tool. Puscifer is good but his vocal abilities are clearly utilized more in his other two bands.
  2. Daniel Tompkins
    Lead vocals to many metal bands in the past, dude found his way back to prog-metal band TesseracT and is totally in his element. While his range isn't quite on par with the former lead vocalist, Ashe O'Hara, his power, control, volume & stage presence are unstoppable. Saw them live last night, my diaphragm is aching from belting out those notes with him in the crowd.
  3. Mike Patton
    OK So I really don't like 90% of the music this guy has made, but the wide range of genres he's brushed on & the fact that he was voted to have had the largest range in pop music (sorry Mariah🙄) warrants a spot on my totally credible list. Mr. Bungle has been on my playlist for a few weeks now. It's weird shit, but his voice speaks to my feels.
  4. John Mayer
    Speaking of speaking to my feels, it's no secret that this man can do no wrong in my eyes. He doesn't belong on this list, his voice doesn't have the booming "epic" quality that I'm referring to, but no one can make me weep like a child quite like he can. His voice is like honey.
  5. Might cry but: Amy
    Winehouse. I had a Cobain reaction to her death that I still haven't gotten over, and I have a hard time listening to her now. I've never seen a singer so unafraid to let her extremely unique sound be heard. Yeah, okay Adele, but Amy's first. RIP to my hero.
  6. Florence Welch
    Her cover of "I Don't Wanna Know" is so haunting & heart wrenching. She hadn't convinced me, I'm not a huge Flo&TM fan, but their newer stuff broadcasts just what she can do vocally. Good feels all around.