What My Most Used Emojis Say About Me

My most used emojis...?😬
  1. 😂💖😃👍🏻🙁❤️️
    Um........well I obviously love laughing, heart with stars, smiling. But when I'm too lazy to actually type ok I'll just put a thumbs up..... my friends disappointment sometimes. Heart.
  2. 😊✅👐🏻✌🏻️🖕🏻👋🏻👌🏻
    I blush a lot. Check mark. Fabulous. Peace out. u. Hi. K.
  3. 💻😝🏳️‍🌈🔫👵🏻😉🌈😁😬👏🏻💅🏻🎤😞😑
    Computer. Tongue. Rainbow flag Bc why not. Water gun for water fights (obvi) grandma. Wink. More rainbows. Way too excited. Awkward. Clap. Nails. Sing. Damn. What even??