If I were to ever write one eventually maybe possibly. (Wouldn't start out of the gate with a misplaced preposition tho...)
  1. My Cat is a Champ: A Lesson in Patience
  2. _____ Years of Anything
  3. A Series of Contradictions
  4. Depth Indifference
  5. This Frame of Mine
    Based on my sister, @FrameOfMine's art piece
  6. My Brother's in Love with a Cooking Show
  7. My Cat has no Social Graces
    As you can see, my cat amuses me so much that I'd write not one, but two books with her as the titular focus. Perhaps not the protagonist, as that would get a little odd, and the fame would go directly to her head.
  8. The Life and Times of a Whosamujigger
  9. Copy Room Friends
  10. The Arrogance We Teach Ourselves
  11. All Too Easy to Collide
  12. Silent Words and Where You Hear Them
  13. Steppin' on a Room Full of Toes
  14. It's Apparently Called a Memoir
  15. This is Rational