My middle and high school career and ranks are subject to change as I look back at them, hindsight being what it is and all.
  1. The Importance of Being Earnest
    As Ms. Prism, an oldish nanny and tutor who gets mixed up in the world of "Earnest" Worthing
  2. The Matchmaker
    As Minnie Fay, a quiet hat shop assistant in a crazy world of extroverts
  3. Seussical
    As a who/a tiger/ Max the dog, this is a really great one because as an almost permanent chorus member, I was pleasantly surprised how involved the entire cast is
  4. Tartuffe
    As Elmire, wife of Orgon, and object of Tartuffe's unwanted affection
  5. Sound of Music
    As Party Guest/yodeller, (however you spell that) I loved being in this classic, though waltzing is not an endeavor I would normally expect of a bunch of freshman
  6. Thoroughly Modern Millie
    As a Hotel Girl, I forget the name of my character sadly
  7. The Wizard of Oz
    As Toto, everyone's favorite little dog. I actually needed knee pads to crawl around. As I tried to keep up with the others through the auditorium, an audience member decided to pet me. I gave him a growl in return. (This was the barbaric times of middle school, after all)
  8. Cheaper by the Dozen
    As Dan, second youngest of all 12 children. (this was my acting debut in 7th grade)
  9. You Have the Right to Remain Dead
    While I did not act in this who-dun-it mystery, it is my first and last directorial appearance. Though it was a fun show, I much prefer acting.