Friendship is ridiculous.

This is why BFFs exist.
  1. When your BFF doesn't text you back fast enough and you're bored..
    Spoiler alert: he was not getting overtime. Ignoring me for free. 😑
  2. When your BFF brings you a cake for no reason.
    I can't even drink beer! I'm allergic to the Brewers yeast. 😑
  3. When your snap conversations with your BFF make you chortle at work.
    What else do you do with free tiny people wine glass charms?
  4. When your BFF celebrates your birthday in cake.
    It's the truth. And cake is always a win.
  5. When most of the funny pictures on your phone wouldn't make sense to anyone but your BFF, even if you tried to explain them.
    Because we are hilarious AF.