1. Windy-hair selfies never work out like you imagine they will. They will ruin the sunset behind you.
  2. I don't get why the female assistant cooks on Bobby Flay's Throw Down show up to film in, like, schlubby Marino wool sweaters. Give them a themed shirt even for heavens sake. It's almost distracting how little thought goes into it on any side, apparently.
  3. My windshield wipers on my '01 Saturn don't seem to work to their necessary level in a good downpour. It makes driving to the airport a real party. Might look into this (probably won't.)
  4. The reason it's such an imposition for me to finish my anthropology homework is that it is the exact same assignment each week, swapping out a different region of native peoples. It would be nice to get a curve ball once in a while. I will finish it, haughtily.
  5. Every time our world endures a tragedy, we get more desensitized, and then fight over what kind of grief is valid or acceptable. It's heartbreaking, and I have no answer.