I've had a friend visiting for...ten days. He leaves today and I would be lying if I said there wasn't some sense of relief.
  1. He cooks! He enjoys it, and expects little from me in the area of assistance.
  2. He cooks...mediocre. The first night he made a pasta salad with SO MUCH sausage and cheese, plus two full bottles of Kraft Italian dressing. This is not subtlety.
  3. Since I live in a studio, he has no problem sleeping on the floor on a pad.
  4. He's always just right there on the floor in the middle of the room, sprawled out with one of my pillows wedged between his legs.
  5. He's self sufficient; he can find things to do while I'm working or busy. Usually going for a run...
  6. or, passing the time with Grindr meet ups and "discussing me" with my mother.
  7. He is not an active listener by any stretch; he seems unbothered by the fact that I'm talking, and has no compunction about ignoring whole statements, or asking me to repeat entire stories because he "wasn't listening sorry."
  8. He's judgey about my life, but is up to some pretty stupid things in his own.
  9. He isn't good at keeping secrets or knowing when I tell him things to not bring them up with that person, first chance.
  10. We do like the same kind of tv shows.
  11. He makes me laugh maybe more than anyone I've ever known.